Anne of Green Gables Living Book History Course

  • Author: Samantha Lisle
  • Age: 12+
  • Course Sections: 6
  • Videos: 11 
  • Printable Workbooks: 6
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    What's included?

    • 11 Videos
    • 6 Printable Workbooks 
    • 1 Board Game
    • 4 Written Assignments
    • 4 Quizzes

    What was it like to be a child without your parents?

    During this course you will learn what it was like to be an orphan or child otherwise separated from your parents in Canada when Anne of Green Gables was written.

    In the process you will learn:

    - How 'childhood' was changing during the late nineteenth to early twentieth centuries (and why Marilla's views on childhood were already looking old-fashioned)
    - How people were trying to improve the lives of children like Anne
    - What home children were
    - How far Anne's experience of being an orphan was typical of the times
    - Why Rachel and Marilla are so nervous about bringing an orphan into their community
    - What residential schools were and why the Netflix series Anne with an E chose to add an Indigenous character who is separated from her parents

    Become a great historian

    During this course, you won't be expected to take my word for it.

    Instead, you will get to take a look at the historical evidence yourself.

    From photos, to letters, to expert interpretations; you can evaluate what's known about being a child without your parents during Canada's child-saving era for yourself.

    In the process, you will learn the skills you need to evaluate the evidence like a true historian. Skills such as:

    - Evaluating the reliability of sources
    - Noticing similarities and differences between accounts of the same thing
    - Identifying the strengths and weaknesses of different historical interpretations
    - Distinguishing 'intended' and 'unintended' consequences of historical events
    - Deciding how useful a source is for answering specific questions about the past
    Meet the instructor


    As an English Language and Literature graduate from Oxford University who went straight into a career in teaching, Samantha knows just how influential a great book can be on a young mind.

    How it can open you up to exciting new worlds and ideas.

    How it can transform and shape your thinking.

    The great children's classic Anne of Green Gables was just such a formative book for her.

    And so she's excited to share the passion it kindled in her, whilst also pulling back the curtain on the historical period Anne inhabited. 
    Patrick Jones - Course author
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