I am Sam, your instructor

The secret to kids who love their school work

I'm a British teacher with many years of experience inspiring young people with a love for their schoolwork online.

The world of online learning is an exciting frontier for educators worldwide. Having taught English to literally hundreds of students online, I know what works and what doesn't work with this new medium.

And now, I'm excited to unveil a passion project that I really believe in. I'm excited to introduce you to my Living Book Home School.

My story

And the great stories that inspired me ...

When I was a kid, books and stories were how I made sense of the world.

They fuelled my love, not just of English, but of all my school subjects.

They taught me so much more than just good reading comprehension. I could learn pretty much everything and anything from a good book somewhere.

Sometimes they taught me about distant times or lands where people behaved in different ways and yet still remained familiar and relatable. 

Sometimes they taught me about the very world around me but with a lens that made me see it new.

Reading made me curious and inspired me to want to learn. So much so, that I ended up studying English Language and Literature at Oxford University.

Does your child love stories as much as I did? Tell me more!

Words that inspire me

“A fondness for reading, which, properly directed, must be an education in itself.”
Jane Austen

Inspire your child now!

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