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A Great Book is Great for a Reason ...

Yes, it should have a great story. 

Yes, it should be beautifully written.

And yes, interesting and relatable characters are a must too.

But besides all that, it should teach us something about the world around us.

Something profound. Something important. 

Something that sticks with us.

Which is what Living Book Home School is all about.

Based on Charlotte Mason's belief that living books could inspire young learners with a love for their schoolwork, this school uses great fiction as a gateway to learning.

Some of my courses

Absolutely great teacher! Super nice, with lovely materials. My kid loves it! - Ana B

Teaching Methodology

Inspiring young learners with a love for their school work with great stories

1. Choose a great living book

I wholeheartedly agree with great educationalist Charlotte Mason who believed that living (narrative-driven, human-centred) books make wonderful gateways to learning.

In my courses, I use great children's books (like Anne of Green Gables) that have passed the test of time.

2. Use up-to-date teaching practices 

The resources contained in the course are designed based on recent best practices for teaching that subject.

Learners won't just be spoon-fed a load of information. They'll learn how to analyse, criticise and truly understand what they're learning.

3. Make fun, interactive and engaging resources

Young people are more likely to be captivated by a story than by dry facts that aren't connected to anything that interests them. My course harnesses the universal love of a great story to engage young learners with their schoolwork.

Besides that, I incorporate a range of different kinds of activities (including videos, board games and creative writing) to keep things even more interesting.

How to use the living book method with your children ...

It's easier than you think

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